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Hi everyone,

I am Arwa, a wife and a mother of six children, I am a freelance translator, and Voice-over, but I love all kinds of crafts, and I always find time to make things.

I do sewing, crochet, and some other handmade stuff, I opened an Etsy shop recently and started listing, hopefully will start selling globally, they are very simple handmade creations, but I have big dreams 🙂

I have a new product, and I’ll be selling it very soon, insha Allah, the product is not invented by me, but my design is special and more practical, it is basically a lap desk, it has more names, like lap tray, cushion tray, laptop desk, bed tray, etc…

The product’s inventor was concerned about the old people or people with backache problems who will be more comfortable if they used a stable lap cushion desk, that will allow them to use laptops, read or do crafts, or have their meals in a more comfortable way. It is important to watch the way you sit while using your laptop for long hours, or even for frequent short periods,  your back should be straight but relaxed to the back in an obtuse angle with your legs, your shoulders comfortable to the back, and your working surface is within about 10 cm. high from your legs, which is the typical space when you are sitting upright in the accurate posture.


Any way, I designed one that is a little bit smaller, and made a cushion, (all the other product have the cushion attached to the board with glue and/or with nails or so) but mine is more practical that I can change the cushion cover or wash it when ever I want, easily and neatly because it comes with a zipper, and the cushion is attached to the board with Velcro tape sewn to the cushion cover and glued with adhesive glue to the board, which keeps it stable, but again, it is easier to remove to wash or to change.I tried it for months when working on my freelance jobs and I found it very comfortable, I can work wherever I like, even in bed, without having any troubles with my neck, back or shoulders. But in bed, I needed to put a small pillow under my knees to keep legs relaxed, to be honest.

Then I thought; why don’t I start making more lap-desks and sell them, people will like to have them, freelancers, workaholics, readers, old people, lazy people, even children will love them to do their homework, or to study, my little daughter loves her lap-desk, she writes her homework on it, she picked her colors and she uses it all the time for drawing or playing with dough, since we don’t have enough space in our house for another big desk, it was an excellent choice to make a portable one.

aqua 1 board

   In My design I used Sandwich wood, covered with Formica with a matt surface in order not to reflect light in your eyes and also it is not slippery if the laptop has the rubber stabilizers at the bottom, I believe all laptops do. Some lap-desks over there have a hole for a cup, I found that not practical, you might not use it for everything, and it may depend on the purpose you’re purchasing this lap-desk for, anyway, I did not use it. I also did not use a frame for the lap-desk board, because I feel it is not comfortable for your arms.

      The cushion comes in different colors and patterned fabric, to make it more fun, I also added pompom trim to the sides of some cushions, which I did not see any design that used this idea. And as for the cushion filling, I used a high quality cotton filling.


 I usually make stuff for girls and women, but with this products, there will be deigns that can be suitable for boys or men.

   The board is about 30*40 cm. and it all weighs a kilogram as a whole product, the board and the cushion. I hope that you’ll find my “fancy lap desk” nice and comfortable.

  I’ll be selling them on Etsy, and here on my website.

    Please don’t hesitate to let me know your opinion on this product, I spent time thinking, searching and designing this product, and I’ll really appreciate your feedback.



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  1. I really like the idea of a removable cover! I have seen these before, but as you cannot remove the cover it is difficult to clean it.. I think that this is a great improvement on the original design.


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