Some of my previous handmade stuff


I started making stuff since a very long time, but I always stop for a while when I have a new child or so, then I go back to crafting again, with new ideas and taste, Here I post some photos of a very little of what I used to make, and still making stuff.


Remember this pattern, crocheters? “the butterfly bag”. Few years ago this pattern was like very famous, everybody wants to learn how to make it and so, the creator of this pattern I believe was Spanish, and she sold her butterfly bags for $180 at that time, or was it $280! I can’t remember. Any way I learned how to make it and sold few, in different colors, but for much less than her original price, and recently I made the one in this photo, you can find it in my Etsy at:


The Palestinian Kofiya dress

This was originally designed for my daughter’s kindergarten party at the end of last year, I made 19 dresses like this one, but without the bow, you can view them and their party photos here: 

I am very proud of those days 🙂

I will be listing this dress in my Etsy shop too.

And there was some other stuff as follows:



Screenshot_2016-03-02-19-40-39.png    Screenshot_2016-03-02-19-45-05.png



And also, as a Palestinian woman, 

I do lots of embroidery work, but lately I did not find any time to do any embroidery, here is the biggest project I’ve worked on: My Palestinian Thob


This one took me eight months to finish, I like it.


And as for sewing, I sew baby bedding sets, blankets, pillows, bags, girl dresses, pouches, 

you’ll see them soon here and in my shop.




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  1. Wow! I absolutely love the embroidery work!! That’s one of those things that I need to learn some day in sha Allah.

    And those bags, I’ve never seen them before, but yours look very pretty. What’s the pattern name? Is it in Spanish? I’m Spanish so it won’t be a problem 😉

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