New Lapdesk Collection

Hello everyone,   I made a new collection of the fancy lapdesk and participated in a Bazaar for the first time 😀 Remember that you can order yours on my Instagram  New lapdesk designs are as follows: I added a red desktop, wooden with Formica beside the five colors I had, And new collection with the old cream desktop: And more designs for the pink desktop: And I made new […]

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The Palestinian Kufiya Dress

Salam Everyone, A new product in my online shops, Etsy and Mostawda is now available for purchase. A made to order dress for little girls made of The black and white Palestinian Kufiya (Hatta), a traditional scarf originally for men. It is however being used in so many fashion styles now, for women dresses, scarves, tops, and for little boys as vests made from the same material, and sometimes combined […]

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Another fancy lapdesk

Hi everyone! So I found time to make the second lapdesk, pompom trim really takes time, but the result is just awesome! It looks like ice-cream 🍨 As I mentioned before, in this collection, there will be five colors you can choose for the desktop, this gorgeous Turquoise, fuschia, blue, cream and brown, whereas the fabrics are of more choices. And three colors of boards are like… With this beautiful […]

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