The Palestinian Kufiya Dress


Salam Everyone,

A new product in my online shops, Etsy and Mostawda is now available for purchase.

A made to order dress for little girls made of The black and white Palestinian Kufiya (Hatta), a traditional scarf originally for men. It is however being used in so many fashion styles now, for women dresses, scarves, tops, and for little boys as vests made from the same material, and sometimes combined with Palestinian Embroidery pieces.

Two years ago, I made a costume for a full kindergarten class of 18 girls including my daughter, and about 12 boys for their graduation party a the end of school, it was all made of Kufiya fabric, dresses for girls with satin red waistband, and vests for the boys, I spend about a month making them, and was about to cry at the party 😛 seeing them dancing in these costumes, it was a very beautiful experience, I did it again this year, they wrote about it in newspapers 😀


Then other friends and customers asked for more, I made few that was sold outside Palestine, like in UAE, USA, and lately in the UK 😀 after I decided to add it as a listing in my online stores, I added a bow to the front of the waistband, I shipped the last one today which should be delivered before Eid al Fitr after Ramadan!

It could be worn with embroidered belt like this one, or with a more simple one:


I am also planning to add more Embroidery in my shops, there are many ideas, but still not enough time, Embroidery needs time, but results are amazing.

Visit my shops and have a look at the new listings, they are always made to order, you need to provide measurements for the dress, it is easy, I’ll lead you 🙂

Do you see this dress as beautiful as I do?


Best Wishes to you all,

arwa 1

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