My Second Online Shop

Hello everyone,

So basically, I sell my lap desks on Etsy for non local customers, as I am in Palestine, I ship almost worldwide via EMS shipping, my favorite customers on Etsy are basically from USA and Europe, Items usually arrive in one week, or 12 days if it was very late (very rare).

Two weeks ago, I was invited to add my handmade items on a new online shop for the Middle East,, it is in Arabic and English, the website is very new, there  are very few stores so far, 18 stores I think. I am very excited to start selling there, I opened my shop about two weeks ago, and added some listings (or products), you can find very special items on the website, and they ship worldwide.

What I liked most is that they will handle shipping, I don’t need to go to the post office with my items to be shipped, they will come over and take the packages from my place, and ship them.

The EMS shipping I use with Etsy does not ship to Arab countries, so mostawda will be my way to sell my products in the Arab World ☺ but it ships world wide.

I love Etsy and will never stop using it. But mostawda will help me reach my other customers in this world.

My Mostawda Store

My Etsy Shop

You are welcome!


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